Overview of OASIS Family...

Oasis Computers was established on 11th march 2000 with pious view of spreading computer knowledge in Bihar so as to empower the youth of Bihar to be able to cope up with the changing needs of the industry in light of the influences computer technology would to cast upon our race for progress and development, cultivating skill in its students has been the sole motto of Oasis is since then and as the name stands for Oasis has been quenching the thirst of its aspirants especially when skill development is still a mirage amidst the burgeoning member of with tuitions.

Oasis IT Education Pvt. Ltd. is a Govt. registered institute (registered under company act) imparting computer education at various levels.




Besides our ‘easy to gain’ courses designed in language easy to understand training is backed up by practical classes under the guidance of skilled instructors. Every student have a single system to work with/at.





Fee is another factor which limits the access of students of poor section of the society to opt for technical education. Hence Oasis IT Education Pvt. Ltd., since the days of its establishment has kept the tuition fee at Rs. 100/- per month which provides easy access to students of poor sections till today.

Various scholarship progammes also facilitate students to take up further courses. The scholarship programmes also boost healthy competition and help students achieve higher goals. Scholarships are talent-based and may upto 100% returned of the course fee.

'Earn while you learn' another attraction. We invite our students to associate with different projects like website development, software development, teaching jobs, etc which help them earn even while they continue their studies.